New Year of Wedding & Lifestyle Photography in Virginia!

heartsAfter a year break, and spending time with my amazing little one, It’s time to get back to work. Although the thought of jumping back into photography makes me a little more nervous than I care to admit. Not because I am afraid of getting behind the camera, definitely not.. but anyone with children knows that adult conversation isn’t really at a premium when you have a baby, lol! But I know that the more I get out the better it will be for everyone in the long run.. I mean there really is only so much a little one can take of full on mommy attention all day.. im sure he’s thinking someone please get this lady, lol.. but I am dipping a toe into the water and hoping that past clients will remember that I am here and new clients will give me a shot* (no pun intended.. again did I mention limited adult conversation:) Please feel free to give me a call-

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