Scenes From Bridesmaids

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Sometimes it’s hard for me not to enjoy really touching moments as much as everyone else when shooting a wedding or event! I am only human after all and sometimes find myself very often laughing, crying, bopping and clapping with heartfelt emotion.

During a wedding I photographed in Leesburg, VA- this bride had two maid-of-honors. They were both helpful, doting, efficient and 100% there to help support the bride on her wedding day. I don’t think she could have asked for a better support team as they bustled, championed, fixed, teased, encouraged, cried, and laughed along with the Bride.
But it was their toast that really made them stand out in my mind as amazing Bridesmaids. They had rehearsed and re-enacted the infamous toast scene from the movie Bridesmaids, competing comically for the microphone. They pulled if off beautifully and we all *myself included- were in tears!!

(If you had been there to see this funny Maid of Honor Duo re-enact the scene from Bridesmaids as they competed for the microphone you would have been laughing too!)

It is definitely a moment that I will remember!

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