A good photographer experience

I often write from the position of “what I wish someone had shared with me.” There are always steps that are basic steps in any career and key to moving ahead in whatever you are doing. Recently I’ve had a few “bad photographer” experiences shared with me by new clients. I tend to work even harder with these clients mainly because I already know they’re gun shy and I would hate for them to write off professional photo sessions for good. So here are a few tips that I feel make a good photography experience.

1. Respond back immediately.

If they leave a message or an email, responding to your clients within 24 hrs helps to give them a sense of your professionalism. There have been time’s that I have been super swamped and received inquiries. During those instances, have a greeting template in place. This way you can at least acknowledge that you have received their message.

2. Show up on time.

This may seem like a no brainer but be punctual for your appointments. If traffic or an emergency causes you to run late let your client know.

3. Give them an ETC (estimated time of completion)

Clients want to know when and how they can expect their pictures. Even if it’s been mentioned prior to the session, I like to let the clients know the day of, again, how long the process will take.

4. Over deliver.

Isn’t it nice to go out to your favorite restaurant and surprise, they give you a free desert just for coming back, talk about building customer loyalty! Although we may not have a delicious chocolate Sundae (sounds great I know) there are still other things that we can do to show our customers that we appreciate them!

5. Follow up

After your session is done most clients appreciate it when you “check in.” Saying hello and making sure that they don’t need any additional prints or help in viewing their pictures can go a long way with customer relations.

It’s amazing how these small steps can really affect your client retention and customer satisfaction.

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