What every couple should do for amazing wedding day photos

wedding must have photo

Find the photographers(s) with the style that you feel best fit you as a couple: A good way to find photographers is to talk to vendors for referrals, friends who were recently married or google, but take your time when looking for a photographer for your wedding day. Many will have their portfolios online, pay attention to what and how they shoot. If you like their style, bookmark them or put them “on the list.” I generally recommend having your 3 fav’s. You can narrow it down by price, availability, but I strongly recommend going by whether or not you click.

Schedule an engagement session: Most couples don’t have tons of experience having their photo’s taken. Having an engagement session with the photographer that you hire for your wedding day can make the whole experience more natural and the images will come out better. Think of the engagement session as a test run, the photographer will learn how to best light you as a couple and how much direction, or how to give you direction when shooting.
Have a “Must Have shot list”: A must have shot list lets you communicate what images you want to the photographer ahead of time. You can even find reference images on line to help your photographer visualize exactly what you would like.

Remember you are being photographed: All photographers want you to act or be natural, but with that being said you also want to be mindful that you are being photographed. The day can be dizzying and overwhelming and often by the 4th hour everyone is exhausted. If you have it in the back of you mind to occasionally look up, smile, your pictures will come out much better.

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